Craft Please !


This weekend me and my friend Zoe are hosting another Crafternoon !

This time we are looking at cross stitch and have loved the trend of ‘rude embroidery’ so thought we would give it a go. We have got plenty of hoops, aida fabric and endless amounts of thread for a fun filled afternoon.

We love hosting Crafternoon’s and getting people involved in making something unique. It’s a nice way to learn a new skill and meet different people. Once you have a theme it’s easy to organise so get your friends together and host your own.


Crochet inspo




I might be a bit obsessed with making granny squares at the moment. I am half way through making a skirt that will have 80 squares by the time I am finished. But… these dresses are amazing and have jumped to the top of my project list.

I think they are a great way to update the granny square and in the right colours will look amazing.

Watch these space for my own creation !

My first weaving is finished !



I know I have already posting about this weaving but I am so happy with it that I wanted to share it again with you all.

I have now completely finished it and it is ready to hang up! It’s been a great learning experience and it’s a new way to experiment with yarn and see how different each yarn can look when it is used in a different way.

I can’t wait to get started on my next weaving project.

Bettaknit x Lostinknit



My new design is now up on the Bettaknit website ! I’m so lucky to be able to work with Bettaknit as their yarns are amazing and come in great colour’s.

This jumper is perfect for the festival season or for relaxing at a bbq. The stitch is simple but effective and adding the finishing touches with the fringing is straight forward. Pick your colour now and get knitting!

Lost in Knit weaving



This is my first attempt at weaving and I am really happy with the result. I got the frame from Hobbycraft as a starter kit and got started. It was really fun to learn a new skill and enough though I only used the basic weaving stitch and added fringing, it was really creative and I cant wait to learn more weaving techniques.

Watch this space for more Lost in Knit weavings soon.

I’m on Etsy !


So I have been crocheting like crazy and I’m finally on Etsy! I have just uploaded the first few designs but more will be coming soon.

For each design you can select your own colour combination or if you would like something made bigger or smaller then just send me a message and we can talk about it.

I would really appreciate if you know anyone that would be interested in my shop to let them know about it !

Thanks everyone !