Crochet lampshades


I have become slightly obsessed with the idea of yarnbombing a lampshade. Ever since I started researching for a work event (get involved here) I have wanted to make a knitastic lamp shade. So I have put together a few of my favourite ideas and in the next few weeks I will start making my own. I can’t wait !

Have you ever yarnbombed a lampshade? Any advice would be great or share your photos of your own projects with me.




Close Knit Cafe


I had a great time at the Close Knit Cafe in Southbourne the other weekend. It was a lovely sunny day so we sat outside on the yarnbombed benches and could look at the flower pots covered in yarn and knitted bunting.

Inside, the place was covered in even more yarn! The seat covers were knitted and the lampshades were multicoloured with all the different yarns that had been used. Plus there was so much yarn to look at while you were having your coffee and cake, which was also amazing.

It was a great independent cafe to visit and the owner was really friendly. I would recommend this knitting cafe to everyone. It’s a great place to catch up with friends and get your knit on.

Lostinknit’s new home!

So I have started a new job and moved away from home for the first time. Scary ! But I’ve settled in nicely and so thought I would show you around.

I bought all my quirky decorations with me including my Sincerely Louise deer head. I loved making it and have the hare to make next. Then my mum made me a ram’s head which is amazing ! There is so much detail on it and it has made my sofa area much more cosy.

My favourite thing I have got for the flat so far is my shower curtain. It couldn’t be any better suited to me! I got it from Urban Outfitters who have a really good selection of unique home items.

I of course have all my knitting needles with me as they are in a lot of use for my new job. I have been doing a lot of new projects which will be on the Hobbycraft blog soon so check them out !

I would love to see what your knitty homes look like ! Please share them with me on Facebook and Instagram